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Buildings not residential

On the place of work or in the office, we spend a good part of our day. The quality of the environment should make it a pleasure to enter and remain within a store, pharmacy or maybe spend time in a tea room, a bar, a restaurant or a pub.

A local, noisy, boisterous, cold, or too hot leads certainly to a child stay connected to the discomfort that we perceive from the environment. Have you ever been in a restaurant acoustically very bad, where you can not talk calmly? or never went in places like the pharmacy or shopping center too hot in winter or too cold in the summer ?

The design and renovation of these buildings or of individual environments must be effective and functional to the comfort and energy savings. Numerous studies prove that restaurants are capable of acoustically have increased turnover by 10% in 6 months.

If you want we can design your energy savings and your comfort, such as air, natural light, and lighting or acoustics.
You can restore also in restricted areas and solve the problems of Sick Building, mold, moisture, radon, stale air, CO2, air pollution. Before Your comfort and Your Health, and your guests and customers will appreciate ....
  • Call us for your advice and for the technical choices and economical; your first consultation is free.
  • Certifies with third party institutions indendenti the quality of the design of the building to ensure the return of your investment and it costs less than you think.

Offices, Hospitals, Business Centres

PH Frankfurt Hospital
PH Bilbao Offices
PH Hesse Police offices
PH Raiffeisen Bank tower Wien

Office buildings, public or private, used by hospitals, clinics or nursing homes to live the same problems of residential environments and in some cases more critical, such as hospitals, despite the prescrioni of the law. Our stay generates a lot of CO2 through respiration, a bad door or even a window frame thermal cutting but sick mounted, a wall that is not isolated, produce discomfort which results in Sick Building Syndrome and the consequent diseases that often you're not aware of it.

Restructuring , upgrading and using the Echo Bonus tax and recoveries from 50% to 85% . You can also use the Earthquake Bonus to feel safe in your place of work.


For the design of energy over the rule of law, we adopt the methods of passive houses (D) and Casaclima (BZ) synonymous with Comfort and Energy Efficiency certified. For over 20 years, applied to residential buildings, today it is widely used in the Office or small office buildings, skyscrapers and even in small or mega-malls.

The quality return in Health, Wellness, Savings, and increases productivity and revenue.

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Restaurants, Bar, Pubs

Buildings used for recreational activities, associative or restaurants, bars, exhibitions, museums, cinemas or theatres are environments where we are engaged for the pleasure to chat, to listen, to relax, to eat, to drink, and should always be accompanied by a pleasant feeling of comfort.

Not just a pretty design, but the noise, acoustic reverb, bad air and the stale, bad smells, bad lighting don't help to get you back in these places.


Yet, just little to improve the light, the acoustics, the quality of the air.

Quality and Comfort even during holidays or business trips.

With the seals of sustainability ClimaHotel and CasaClima Welcome are marked those facilities, hotels, hotel that they contribute successfully to sustainable development is through the integration of innovative technologies and sustainable with both strategic measures in the management.


ClimaHotel and passive houses and guide the hoteliers and the owners of accommodation facilities to sustainably address the management and maintenance of the facilities.

The company saves resources and energy, while guests enjoy an unparalleled comfort.

The sustainability and energy efficiency is lived out in practice and made visible to the guest. The seals of quality underline the guest, who may spend her time or her holiday in a hotel managed in a sustainable way and in which you will find fully at ease.

An advantage of marketing that makes a difference to the choice of the structure.



Bed & Breakfast  

CasaClima Wine certification quality developed to promote the wineries that are sustainable.


In addition to the requirements of energy efficiency and sustainability of the building, particular attention is paid to the production process with a low environmental impact and can limit the use of resources.

The wine cellars certified by CasaClima Wine they also use recyclable packaging and light in weight and are attentive to the sustainable management of waste.


Also, employees are sensitized to the issues of sustainability through specific training activities.


These cellars guarantee of course high levels of comfort and health in the spaces of reception and of work both for customers and for employees.





Activities places of teaching are places where, unfortunately, it is often trascurala air quality, excessive concentration of CO2, the acoustics and quality of light.

If our kids or ourselves we assopiamo or lower the attention is due to the absence or poor ventilation, little light, and even the teachers motivated would not be able to do miracles.

The respiration of 20 or 30 students generates a lot of CO2 in the absence of proper ventilation, or the lack of light cause in addition to the decline in attention discomfort, and headaches.

How much coffee useless, you have got to be careful?


Good light, air and acoustics will help you to learn and study with the minimum effort.

Do you know that the Radon gas, if present in the classroom, it is harmful and sometimes deadly ?


So it's worth to think to a proper design or re-skilling?


Even if complicated to do it apply in the context of school or university, ask for a diagnosis to be at least aware of the risks to your health and the safety of our children.



Training room



We go to this place to buy preparations doctors for our health and for our well-being.

This is the place where we should find the example of environmental quality, for customers and for those who work there. Also a place pleasant and comfortable, it increases productivity and sales.

A modern design but the quality of light, air, absence of pollutants in the medical and dust, last but not least a energy management based on cutting waste.

Plant engineering, home automation, security and surveillance technology.

Contact us and you will speak with the ns. technicians certified by the Passivhaus Institut (Germany) and by the Agenzia Casaclima, Bolzano).

Shops & Malls

In the places where it is engaged in commercial activities, and make you feel at ease the customers it serves also to increase the sales and to save on the costs of management helps the economic of the financial year. Two of the priorities for the owners .

In addition to the kindness and the design of your own store, iI the comfort linked to the quality of light and air, to the climate control and the acustiva make the difference.

Replace the lampage halogen bulbs with LED ones is certainly useful, but not enough to get you save on the energy bill seriously and improve comfort indeed....


Call us for your first consultation is free and you will retrain it costs so much with tax incentives like the ecobonus.

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